~ 12 years in training field
~ Actively involved in training for Life Insurance & Takaful industry

~ Participated in corporate human resource development training
~ Guest speaker for “Team Building Program ” , “Leadership Program”, “Corporate Marketing Strategy” , “Organizational Development” etc 

Experiences in Training

1) For Insurance & Takaful Industry:

~ New Year New Strategic

~ Basic Takaful Program (Takaful Penetration)

~ BOP Program for Recruitment

~ How to do the Health Disclosure in Professional Way

~ Handling Objection, Rejection & Communication Skills

~ Intensive Training (for New Recruited Agents)

~ Concept Selling (Retirement/Education/Saving/Estate Planning)

~ Recruitment Workshop for Agency Leader

~ Revival Program (Mid-Year Program)

~ Leadership & Team Work Program

~ Motivation Talks (Personal Breakthrough/Champion Mindset etc)

~ Consultant (Contract Based) for Agency Development / Elite Team

~ Develop series of useful Sales Skills for specific Market penetration

~ Designed series of Sales Template: Big Case Selling /Takaful Hajj-related Plan/ Investment-Linked / Life Plan with Estate-Planning& Trustee 

~ etc

2) For other Corporate 

Property Agency/Printing Company/Loyalty Program/Funeral-Related Company/ MLM/ Healthcare Product Company/Manufacturing etc:

~ Team-Building Program

~ Leadership Enhancement Program

~ <BeYour Own Boss> Recruitment Program

~ Sales Skills Techniques & Sales Cycle Concept

~ Team-Spirit Cultivation vs Conflict Management within a Corporate

~ Intensive Training (for New Recruited Agents)

~ etc

Training Topic Including

~ Motivations 

~ Corporate’s Positive Morale

~ Fast Start Training 

~ Managerial Related Course

~ Sales & Marketing

~ Leadership Program

~ CRM Sales Enhancement Program

~ New Product Launching Program

~ Team Spirit Cultivation Program

~ Zero to Hero Program    

~ Team Building Program

Insurance & Takaful Related Course

~ Recruitment

~ Products (Life vs Takaful)

~ Final Attack Program

~ Motivations (Personal / Leader)

Languages : English, Mandarin, Malay