Education Background

* Holds a MBA Degree from the University of Action Learning (Colorado, USA)

* Fellow member of the International Management Centers Association, Buckingham, UK

* Registered Financial Planner


* More than 10 years in the training industry

* More than 20 years of insurance and direct selling sales and sales management  experience

* More than 100 organizations from different industries have benefited from his talks and training

* Invited speaker for the insurance associations

* Past President of Toastmasters International Speecom Club 

* Invited speaker for Toastmasters International Clubs


* Author of the book “Be Happy, Be Wealthy”

* CD – “Awakening – A Journey Within”


* Value-based Leadership Motivation

* Value-based Team Synergy

* Sales and Marketing Training

* Communication and Presentation Skills Training

Training Methodology

* Unconventional, Simple yet Impacting

* Fun, Lively, Interesting and Lasting

* Psychological, Philosophical and Intellectually Challenging

* Balancing Intellectual Understanding and Emotional Involvement

* Games, Activities, Songs, Music and Video Clips are used in Enhancing Learning Experiences

languages : English, Mandarin

Stanley Cham English movie