Inspirational Speaker & Master Trainer

Annie Tan has over 20 years of training experience and a Great Passion and strong belief that training & system are the best method to develop people and bring organization to a Quantum level. Her vision to Serve the Greater Purpose has lead her to help many  people & organization into realization their true potential.

Annie, the Energetic Doer has won many hearts and the mind of clients. Her youthful energy and creative delivery makes her a special coach & trainer as she has the ability to excite them to excel. She always loved by her people as friendly and generous person in sharing however when come to delivery of result, Tough Coach is her name.

Annie has provided numerous seminars to sales person, leaders, managers, executives and even organizations from different backgrounds and industries. Together with Malaysia largest Unit Trust company, she has trained more that 10,000 leaders & sales agents in various programs like Business Opportunity Seminar, Customer Service, Interpersonal Skill, Master Builders of Agency (MBA), a 5 months Leadership Business Transformation as program founder and developer, outdoor/indoor Team Building & etc. Annie has also hand hold numerous  agencies from 8 to above 300 downlines with yearly sales above RM 15 Million in developing their business structure, system and people. She is HRDF certified.

To Annie, Result is the Best Judge


* Team building 

* Public speaking 

* Presentation skills 

* Train sales people 

* Hand on Coaching n mentoring leaders

languagues : Mandarin, Malay, English

Annie Tan English VIDEO