As Nursing supervisor for the King Fahd Hospital in Saudi Arabia for 11 years...

Nadia has firsthand experience of living through the Gulf War. In 1994, She immigrated to New Zealand , through necessity , qualifications weren’t recognised, No contact, No sales experience, She pursued a new and very successful career in life insurance New Zealand.

Have been an MDRT member for 16years, Nadia was the first Asian in NZ to be endorsed as a life member of MDRT, From 2005 to 2007 was the MDRT New Zealand Area Chair. In addition to her achievements in MDRT, Was ‘the champion’ of AMP Life Insurance for six years consecutive as four times ‘the champion’ of Aetna Health Insurance.

As a survivor of third stage cancer, diagnosed early in 2009, she realised the true value of trauma insurance for supporting sufferers in similar situations. Most importantly, she wants others to have a knowledge of what trauma insurance is and for it to be more accessible to those that are in need.

Languages : Mandarin & English

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