• Master Degree in Human Resource Development
  • Bachelor Degree in Industrial Science (Physics) 


  • Founder and Chief Speaker of Liew Training Centre
  • Deputy President of Malaysia SZ Trade Association
  • Corporate companies long term engage trainer


  • Formal President of Malaysia Speakers Association
  • Recognized Speaker of Malaysia Speakers Association
  • Recognized Trainer in Institut Latihan Kepimpinan Belia (ILKEB)
  • Best Trainer Award in Kementerian Belia Dan Sukan Malaysia
  • Certified Trainer from Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB)
  • Trainer (Character Building) in Malaysia National Service Program
  • Special Topic Presenter for Teacher Training in year 2010 of Minister Education of Malaysia
  • Formal Area Commander of St. John Ambulance of Malaysia, South Area of Perak
  • Champion of Malaysia Open Speech Competition in year 2004
  • Provided training in Nigeria (Africa), China, Singapore, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei and Vietnam

Training and Service Experience

  • Guest Speaker of “Chinese Book Fair World” in year 2005
  • Guest Speaker of “MSA Motivation Seminar” in year 2005 to 2010
  • Chief Speaker of “Perak Chinese Single Mother and Children Camp” in year 2006
  • Guest Speaker of “Global Entrepreneurs Convention” in year 2008 and year 2010
  • Guest Speaker of “Malaysia 6 Excellent Speaker Convention” in year 2009 and year 2012
  • Guess Speaker of “1st Motivation Convention” in year 2012
  • Guest Speaker of Radio Ai FM, TV2, NTV7, ONFM, City Plus FM
  • Column Writer in Nan Yang Siang Pao (Perak), Red Tomato Weakly Newspaper, China Press
  • Book author of “Life Long Learning” , “Youth Learning”, “Just Do It”, “Self Motivation”, “Corporate Transformation”, “Children World”, “Success Secret”, “Daily Motivation”, “Daily Learning”, “Time Management 42 Ways”, “Effective Communication Skills”, “Stress Management”, “Self Confident”, “My Home My School”
  • More than thousands motivation seminars given to schools, colleges, and universities since year 2005 till now 
  • Corporate Trainer for SMIs, SMEs, Insurance companies, direct selling companies, organizations, religion societies, as well as political parties


  • Organizing Chairman for Malaysia Open Speech Competition in year 2006
  • Organizing Chairman for “Six Speakers Motivation Seminar” in year 2007
  • Organizing Chairman for “1st Motivation Convention” in year 2012
  • Organizing Chairman for W.A.R. Seminar in year 2018


  • Public speaking training
  • Sales and service training
  • People management and leadership training
  • Communication and people relationship training
  • Motivation and unleash potential training

languagues : Mandarin, Malay, English

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Liew Weng Kong mandarin video

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