Specialize in Building Training Academy, Developing Training Roadmap, Curriculum & Modules and Train the Trainers

Poh Lee’s profound understanding of training needs and development come from her 25 years of training experience. Formerly Senior Director & Head of Sales Distribution Training of a few reputable financial institutions. Poh Lee has developed more than 100 courses in Sales & Recruitment, Building Agency Management System and Culture, Performance Management & Sales Tool,  Sales Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Personal Effectiveness, Behavioral & Personality Profile, Need Based & Financial Planning,  Time Management,  Annual Planning and Mid year Review workshop.  

Strategic and Proven Experience in Building Team and Sales System and Culture

Poh Lee has led many organizational change initiatives in training and transforming the 20,000 sales force by helping them to build High Performance system and culture. She had transformed  the training academy  become the most influential academy among all the local business units across the Asian region. She led a team of close to 70 trainers to achieve ISO certification for 15 consecutive years. 

Roll up Sleeves Experience

Poh Lee has trained more than 100,000 people and conducted more than 2,000 classes across Asian countries. She is a frequent speaker at public and in house training, conferences and  seminars across  Asia.

演说语言 : 中文