* Chief Instructor of Winners Strategy Training Consultancy


 * National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, 

   Mechanical Engineering


 * More than 30 years in training field

* More than 33 years in Network Marketing 

* Guest speaker for “The 8 Asian Motivator Congress”

* 1st  invited local speaker for the “Chinese National 

   Achiever Congress”

* Guest speaker for Insurance Association

* Guest speaker for “Malaysian Six Excellence Speaker Congress”

* Guest speaker of radio station

* Column writer of newspapers and magazines 

Publications (Mandarin)

* Books : “Simple Motivation I”, “Simple Motivation II”, “Simple Motivation III”, 

                “Simple Life” ,“Shut up, do it !”

* CDs : “Multi mode of Self Talk”,  “Success Code” , “Success begins from your heart” , 

             “Winners habits are differences” ,  “Money & Life”

* VCDs : “Success is a Habit”, “Habitual Marketing” 

* Cassette : “Work Place AQ”, “Building Winning Relationship”,

                    “Building Winning Emotional Management”


*  Habitual Changing Program                                 *  Serving & Sales Program     

*  Personal Mastery Program                                   *  Team Building Program

*  Inner Spiritual Development  Program                  *  Team Effectiveness Program

*  Communication Skill Training Program                 *  Leadership & Motivation Seminar

Languages : Mandarin, English

Alan Eiew English movie

Alan Eiew Mandarin video