DRM, DBM, Dip. Aroma. Dip. Reflex. Dip. Nutri. (ACNT)

Crisis Management Consultant / Disaster Rescuer Nutrition Consultant / Naturopathic Consultant

DRM, DBM, Dip. Aroma. Dip. Reflex. Dip. Nutri.
MLVK VTO, Appointed PPL, Appointed JPPK, Appointed PIND
ATMS Accredited, MSCT Accredited


•Consultant for more than 80 institutions, including health and organic industries, beauty and slimming, Direct Sales / Multi Level Marketing Companies, Insurance industry, Block chain industry, franchise chain, Associations and societies, government agencies and Consulate of a few countries.

• More than 1,000 domestic and international training and study courses for Company

•Business Trainer –  Communication Workshop, Crisis Management, Motivation Classes, 101 Sales Techniques, Entrepreneurship, 32 Business Management Skills, Strategic Management, DISC  Interpersonal Relationship, red, yellow and blue incentive courses

• Seminars and events on varying topics for Microsoft, American Express, Christian Dior, Genting Group, Hai-O, Kenny Rogers, Berjaya Group, Sunway Group, Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute(ASLI), Guardian, National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM),  Senior Citizens Association (SECITA) , AUTORR Foundation, Kenny Rogers Chicken Run ’06, Vitagen – MAKNA, Tabung Kebajikan Pesakit HUKM Pediatrics Oncology, Yayasan Harapan Kanak-Kanak Malaysia,  Padang Merdeka, CYC Networking, YSP Shine

• Assisted companies to increase sales performance by 7 times in 100 days, Chain stores (Branch) to increase performance by 15 times, sales staff to increase income by 40 times

•Contributed articles and participated in interviews with local newspapers, leading Magazines and TV Media


Mandarin & English

Please contact : +6 016 626 7933    Email : janice@winners.com.my