Dave Ting is a Certified NLP Coach, NLP Master / Health Practitioner.

Dave has more than 20 years of experience helping hundreds of individuals achieve their personal and professional goals. His coaching expertise is in the areas of leadership development, profitability improvement, business operations enhancement, attaining personal empowerment, and relationship management.

Dave’s mission is to help people discover their abundance of choices, to empower them in the decision-making process, and to transform their current situations into more desirable outcomes. Through a patient, compassionate and supportive coaching style, Dave helps clients with dead-lock situations see new light and new possibilities to their future. He transforms hopelessness and helplessness to empowerment and self-worth.

In 1995, Dave became a personal growth trainer helping clients in Taipei, Taiwan and China. As his passion continued to growth, he moved to San Francisco, USA in 1998 and subsequently acquired his certifications in Neuro-Linguistics Programming “NLP” Master Practitioner, Health Practitioner, NLP Life Coach, and Wealthy Mind Trainer.

Dave currently travels between USA, Taiwan, and China to conduct trainings as well as provide 1:1 services. His goal is to continue learning and to deepen his service to his clients.


Mandarin, English

Mandarin movie clip of Dave Ting

Please contact : +6 016 626 7933    Email : janice@winners.com.my