Sunny Leen


Education :
* Degree (Hons) from University Putra Malaysia

Experience :
* About 12 years in training field
* Actively involved in corporate human resource development training
* Guest speaker for “Team Building Program ” , “Leadership Program”, “Corporate Marketing Strategy” , “Organizational Development” etc

Specialities :
* Motivations
* Corporate’s Positive Morale
* Fast Start Training in Marketing
* Managerial Related Course
* Leadership Program
* CRM (Client Relationship Management) program
* New Product Launching Program

The Important contributions 2007 – 2014 :
* Help to recruit New Agents for Insurance/Takaful and MLM Business
* Lead the New Established Agency /Corporate for Receiving Variety of Awards Every Year
* Develop Series of Useful Sales skill for Specific Market Penetration by Field Force in Different Business and Industry ( with designed of innovative Sales tools, sales template method)
* Assist in Improvement of the company’s positive morale (Benefit to company overall production)

Languages : English, Mandarin & Malay