Liew Weng Kong


Education :
* Master Degree in Human Resource Development
* Bachelor Degree in Industrial Science (Physics)

Currently :
* Invited Speaker of Winners Strategy Consultancy
* Secretary General Malaysia Speakers Association
* Corporate and Direct Selling Company long term contract trainer

* Recognized Speaker of Malaysia Speakers Association
* Recognized Trainer in Institut Latihan Kepimpinan Belia (ILKEB)
* Best Trainer Award in Kementerian Belia Dan Sukan Malaysia
* Certified Trainer from Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB)
* Certified First Aid Trainer by St. John Ambulans Malaysia
* Trainer (Character Building) in Malaysia National Service Program
* Special Topic Presenter for Teacher Training in year 2010 of Minister Education of Malaysia
* Champion of Malaysia Open Speech Competition in year 2004
* Provided training in Nigeria (Africa), China, Singapore, Bangladesh, Thailand and Brunei

Training and Service Experience:
* Guest Speaker of “Chinese Book Fair World” in year 2005
* Guest Speaker of “MSA Motivation Seminar” in year 2005 to 2010
* Chief Speaker of “Perak Chinese Single Mother and Children Camp” in year 2006
* Guest Speaker of “Global Entrepreneurs Convention” in year 2008 and year 2010
* Guest Speaker of “Malaysia 6 Excellent Speaker Convention” in year 2009 and year 2012
* Guess Speaker of “1st Motivation Convention” in year 2012
* Guest Speaker of Radio 5 (Ai FM), TV2
* Column Writer in Nan Yang Siang Pao (Perak), Red Tomato Weakly Newspaper
* Book : Author of “Life Long Learning” , “Youth Learning”, “Just Do It”, “Self Motivation”, “Corporate Transformation”, “Children World”, “MLM, Success Secret”
* More than 1000 motivation seminars given to schools, colleges, and universities since year 2005 till now
* Corporate Trainer for SMI, SME, Insurance companies, multi level marketing companies, organization, religion society, as well as political party

* Organizing Chairman for Malaysia Open Speech Competition in year 2006
* Organizing Chairman for “Six Speakers Motivation Seminar” in year 2007
* Organizing Chairman for “1st Motivation Convention” in year 2012

* Public speaking training
* Sales and service training
* People management and leadership training
* Communication and people relationship training
* Motivation and unleash potential training

Languages : Mandarin, English & Malay

English movie clip of Liew Weng Kong

Malay movie clip of Liew Weng Kong