About us

We are an in-house training provider where we have our motivational speakers from Malaysia,Taiwan and New Zealand.

Great result comes from two aspects:
(a) Professional performance
(b) Personal breaking-through

Professional skill training is usually handled by the company itself. However, personal breaking-through or personal development, is simply easier to seek for external resources for a better result! (Just like children getting education by external teachers)

The uniqueness of our services :
(i) Tailor-made the “training content” according to your need
(ii) Specially design the “training duration” according to yours requirement

Training Directions :
(1) Motivation
(2) Selling Skills
(3) Service Mindset
(4) Team Spirit
(5) Leadership
(6) Speaking Skills
(7) Emotional Management
(8) Communication Skills
(9) Goal Setting
(10) Personal Mastery

Duration of training : 2 hours / 4 hours / 8 hours / 2-3 days (Can be arranged according to your request.)

Training Methodology :
* In-door activities
* Out-door activities
* Sharing session
* Role play
* Games
* Music and video clips
* etc to enhance learning experiences

Before getting in touch with us, please let us know your expected result and our instructors will then present you with the training proposal!